A week of listening to the neighbourhood

Flore Grassiot (Collectif TOPOI), Alberto Ginepro, Quentin Gresy, Joséphine Bia, Cristiano Civerra
This processus made it possible to collect a very large number of opinions, to cross-reference them, to organise information and to create a debate with the project's stakeholders.

In November 2012, a "week of listening to the neighbourhood" was held at the Galerie TAG, under the Rogier passage in St-Josse. In collaboration with Flore Grassiot (Collectif TOPOI), Suède36 held a meeting where the opinions of a large number of people were gathered: residents, but also users, shopkeepers, occupants of the offices or future managers of the premises. This operation was intended to open up new hypotheses and to offer constructive criticism based on the preliminary project of the winning team.

Suede 36 also coordinated the construction of a sample public space designed by the project authors, as well as an exhibition explaining the process and the choices made to users.