“Pietro” in Molenbeek

Molenbeek St-Jean municipality
525 000 €HTVA
De Dender
Coloured lines and station names for non-motorised transport.

Following on from a mobility study carried out by msA and Tritel for the Cinéma-Bellevue neighbourhood contract the municipality of Molenbeek launched an ambitious project to make roads a safer place for vulnerable users. Anorak, a research company, proposed the pedestrianisation of the main square, and Suède 36 proposed a slow-road project made up of a ‘walkable metro plan’. This “pietro” (from the words "pied", meaning "foot" and métro) is inspired by a similar project in Beaumont by the TILT association. A lighting plan designed by the urban-planner and lighting specialist Isabelle Corten (Radiance 35) further enhanced this exercise in networking the centre of Molenbeek.

The aim was to involve as many people as possible. We organised working groups, public consultations and audits. These led to 6 coloured lines being developed, each of which represented a major thoroughfare in the historic centre of Molenbeek. The idea was also to highlight points of reference, heritage sites, parks and important services.

The project had three parts to it: ground work to improve pedestrian and cycle paths by expanding and improving their safety, re-using existing street furniture and creating a new series of multi-use street furniture.