Renewal of the Bonnevie playground

Bruxelles-Environnement (IBGE)
1 900m2
650 000 €
Bonnevie Buurthuis (Participation)
This project was a pioneer of active participation in Brussels.

Renovating Bonnevie park was a challenge. As the scene for previous urban tugs-of-war, projects before had relied on public involvement. The ‘Bonnevie Buurthuis’ community centre was brought in right from the start of the project to properly involve inhabitants and other stakeholders, among which municipal services, street entertainers and associations.

Two playgrounds were laid out, one for infants between 0 and 3 and another for children up to the age of 12. The design centred on going beyond traditional forms such as ships and forts and creating more abstract shapes kids could use their imagination on. The project developed in various ways including non-sport-based activities (a noughts and crosses game, a blackboard, talking tubes, a hammock), a sandbox for younger kids and a spectacular tower, a symbol of pride for children in the neighbourhood.