Saint-Hubert urban renewal

Saint-Hubert township
7 000m2
1 700 000 €
Boasting the title of "Capital of Hunting and Nature", Saint-Hubert's emblem is a cross-bearing stag.

Saint-Hubert has entrusted Suède 36 and Technum with a fact-finding mission and drawing up a masterplan for the city center as well as renewing the public space of the most central street.

Our proposal aims at upgrading and promoting the city's central axis, which harbors great potential. However, for now, the city's streets and public spaces are a hindrance to commerce, tourism, cultural activities and the enhancement of the city's heritage.

Through our fine-tuned consultation techniques, mobility expertise and our ability to spot potential, we are strong advocates for a radical public space which will change the city's perception and image.