Playful interventions in Saint-Gilles

Commune of Saint-Gilles
2 734m2
420 000 euros
Our mission is to create a network of playful installations in 4 urban development projects at different locations within the perimeter of the Bosnia Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract: rue Émile Feron, rue du Tir, Avenue du Roi and rue Belgrade.

Several phases of consultation have taken place since the beginning of the sketch to enrich our proposal: a round table, exploratory walks with children from the neighbourhood, and a meeting at the school.
The inhabitants have clearly defined their desires: nature in the city, colour, sports facilities, games.
Our project therefore proposes brightly coloured and visible furniture, perennial plants that also contribute to biodiversity, games, pull-up bars, etc.
Modal and recognisable elements such as the coloured "Japanese steps" are distributed throughout the perimeter. They combine the functions of signal, play and seating.

Working on the playful character is an opportunity to intervene also on mobility and on the quality of the public space.