Future outline for 19 shopping districts

Minale Design Strategy
The future outline for Atrium was crowned ‘Best Initiative’ at the World Congress of City-centre Management in London in 2010

The future outline as proposed by marketing and urban-planning agencies suggested how shopping districts would look in 2020 based on a vision involving all stakeholders.

Suède 36 played a double role here: initially as urban planners given that the study included an urban analysis of the way districts worked beyond their purely commercial function. Their public spaces, housing, landscaping, architectural reference points, greening projects, signalling, mobility were all included in the study. Future outlines are tools for shopping districts where differing functions would ideally work together in harmony.

This is why the public areas linking the whole district were highlighted in the study. The second role Suède 36 played was as coordinator. Dialogue wasn’t easy given the variety of users but during workshops we were able to agree on some broad strokes that then flowed into the operational manuals.