Madou-Scailquin development project

ATRIUM Saint-Josse
General reorganisation of the block to increase density and public spaces.

This study analysed the commercial, urban-planning and mobility potential of the Scailquin block in Saint-Josse. Its aims were to assess trade in the area, improve links between the Congrès area and place St-Josse and ensure the right mix of functions trading areas should have.

The study looked at the development, implementation and consequences of any project. The proposal was for a specific overhaul of the space. This was thanks to the fact that only a small number of owners were involved. This allowed us to increase the number of shops and housing available as well as to create a new pedestrianised square to open up rue Scailquin to chaussée de Louvain. This would also allow for new shop fronts with the proposed templates melting into the existing fronts, higher towards Scailquin where buildings are higher, and lower towards the narrower chaussée de Louvain.