Master plan for the environs of Mouscron station

Commune de Mouscron, SPW Stratégie Mobilité, SPW Route, SRWT /TEC Hainaut
En association avec Technum
Restore the area’s image, recreate links, and improve sustainability and potential use.

The station area is currently not a convivial public space. It has a negative image, few shops or jobs, has seen little urban renewal, greening, water or rain management and is difficult to access and unfriendly to road-users. It does, however, have great potential. It is a crossroads of three regions and two countries and local authorities have expressed their wish to comprehensively redevelop the station area and make it more attractive, but also to link it the rest of town for non-road users.

The zone was analysed through research, observation and verification and through a major public consultation process with local actors and residents. A renewal plan was proposed for discussion and worked on in parallel with Technum, in charge of the mobility aspect. The final master plan traces the proposed changes to the zone in question and lays out the measurements for changes to roads.

Suède 36 and Technum are proposing specific changes beyond mere alterations to road use. The idea is to create good public spaces, breathe life into the area, improve its image, develop real-estate opportunities and ensure the feasibility and readiness of operators. Also important are greening, managing water supplies and rain, reorganising mobility in the area and implementing a short, medium and long-term strategy.