Parvis-Morichar Neighbourhood Contract

Commune de Saint-Gilles
Saint-Gilles's nerve center and social hub is the "Parvis" Square. The surrounding area reflects Saint-Gilles' multiple and heterogeneous identities. The social, economic, ethnic and lifestyle diversity mingle and is percieved as a positive identity by both locals and users.

However, some problems remain. The two neighbourhoods of the "Haut" and "Bas" of Saint-Gilles are a reflection of the social inequalities ; mobility is sometimes difficult ; part of the population lacks job security and there is a high unemployment rate ; public equipment, particularly aimed at children and youth, is scarce ; unequal state of buildings...

Suède 36 was in charge of the "Base Folder" which includes a diagnosis and programme. The participatory process included : questionniares, interviews, two exploratory walks with locals in the neighbourhood, both night and day, as well as a three-day field duty periood during which we met with locals to discuss the area and it's potentialities. This human approach was complemented by a physical and statistical analysis as well as strategic axis identified in association with the public authorities. The Base Folder includes six chapters, the first 3 consisting in focuses on 3 emblematic proposals for the renewal of the area.

The major project, Saint Gilles Promenade, includes several projects or operations located along the promenade. This promeande links a series of parks, squares and green areas between Porte de Hal and Forest Parc. It aims at creating a natural network of green and water landscapes, play, sports and cultural areas as well as enhancing cultural and scoial focal points along the way. It is made coherent by using a unique lighting system and similar equipment. Two major real-estate projects are located along the itinerary which include appartments, a public daycare center, a neighbourhood bike parking area as well as a multi-generation project.