Reine-Progrès neighbourhood contract

Commune de Schaerbeek
An area dominated by the railway, brimming with potential, but separated from neighbouring districts.

The main characteristic of the zone in question was its division by the north-south axis, the canal, its situation in the north of the city, its congested roads and its industrial life. In this forgotten station area problems are rife: poverty, immigration, drugs, litter and prostitution. The area is, however, full of charm and potential.

Traumatised by a gas explosion that destroyed several houses this is an area in difficulties. Despite everything it does have its plus points: it is close to the centre, has good transport links, pedestrianised areas, a well-equipped park, schools, several associations and good, if not perfect, social cohesion.

The neighbourhood contract recommends specific actions. Needed are paths to the centre, improvements to the 5 tunnels in the area, action against fly-tipping, a health centre and more housing, a clean-up of rue d’Aerschot and support to tackle social and economic issues.

The area’s acute difficulties will no doubt need extra energy and investment but this will only strengthen processes already underway, namely a clean-up operation, general consultations on mobility in northern Brussels and aid to the most vulnerable.