Apartment blocks with 38 units in Evere

Banque Degroof
3 800m2
4 000 000 €
A building design keeping its inhabitants connected

This concerned a piece of land between two parallel streets that used to be the site of two former warehouses. The building on Rue Norga was demolished to make space for a completely new building. The building on Rue Bon-Pasteur was conserved and refurbished.

The rebuilt inner courtyard has been improved with a half-private, half-shared garden. All flats open onto the inner courtyard and external passageways connect the flats, thus avoiding the expense of dark corridors. These walkways are broad and allow residents to use them as semi-private balconies, inducing a sense of community without impinging on each unit’s independence.

The building’s energy footprint exceeds requirements and is categorised as "very-low energy".