"At the crossroads"

Jette Municipality + Neighborhood Contract Department
5 868m2
1 008 000 €
Tractebel engie
Redevelopment of Jules Lahaye and Esseghem streets as the Lojega square. In the frame of the Neighborhood Contract Department Magritte in Jette.

The redevelopment project for Esseghem and Jules Lahaye streets as well as the Lojega forecourt proposes a new redevelopment of mobility coupled with better management of surface water. The main objectives of this redevelopment are on one hand to restore its place to soft mobility and to create meeting spaces, and on the other hand to treat rainwater in order to unclog the Jules Lahaye collector, which is currently saturated. This redevelopment project is part of a sustainable vision resulting from the consultation of many actors such as STIB, VIVAQUA, BRUSSEAU and the municipality of Jette.