Duden & Jupiter Parks in Forest

217 280m2
3 500 000 € TVAC
SML - Studio Mathieu Lucas / Greisch
We intend to respect the identity of each of the parks, reinforce their strong points and bring out the imagination that is linked to them... and thus propose a complementary and global offer.

Before proposing a vision, a programme or a sketch, it seems important to us to start by defining the identity, the use and the target public of each of the three parks and each of their sub-zones; but also to take into account more widely the offer of the proposed sector in terms of infrastructures, leisure, sports, cultural and green spaces. The quality of this ensemble is that it offers a wide variety of uses and landscapes and therefore satisfies a very broad public. This complementarity must be reinforced and not cancelled out by trying to do a little of everything everywhere.

The Forest Park, which is not part of the mission, should retain its current identity, which combines games and walks in a configuration that is very much in line with its immediate environment. Duden Park must also preserve its current appeal. Nevertheless, it is possible to strengthen some of its assets and to develop activities and uses in line with its identity but which would not hinder its current uses and its heritage role. Finally, the blurring of the current use and identity of Jupiter Park gives us the opportunity to develop a new identity for it, while respecting its past. It could become a neighbourhood hub, a landmark, a place of gathering and dynamic activities directly linked to a dense and attractive neighbourhood.