Kiosk L'Ecluse

Bruxelles Mobilité / Bruxelles-environnement / Beliris
"A kiosk designed as a real place of exchange and conviviality."

The kiosk is the fruit of participatory work carried out during the design phase of Parc de Ninove.

Conceived as a neighborhood space, the kiosk is much more than just a kiosk! It's a bar offering a wide range of local produce, and a place for social and cultural events. You can drink, eat, watch a soccer match, listen to a concert, play sport, play cards, work, join a cycling group, and so on.

A positive appropriation of the park! Facilitated by the management and animation of the asbl l'Ecluse.

Pictures 1-8 : @Kardama Pedabxl
Pictures 9-13 : @Suède36