Urban renewal of the centre of Braine-le-Comte

Commune de Manage
Improving the atmosphere and usability of a town centre with excellent facilities.

On the border with Hainaut the decidedly Brabant town of Braine-le-Comte is a great place in more ways than one with great potential. The main square, the symbol of the town, is a large car park next to a trunk road. The main shopping street has managed to maintain standards, a fact many other streets in the country look on with envy. Just 12 minutes by train from Brussels-Midi, the town is expanding rapidly and real estate prices have exploded. The renewal master plan is aimed at framing this development.

Our study looked at the municipality’s identity, essentially as a dormitory village. How do you improve the atmosphere and usability of a town with excellent facilities? We gathered ‘subjective’ data through working-group meetings (involving traders) and an audit and this allowed us to come forward with specific suggestions reflecting what we were told on the ground. The plan was for an urban setting where shops, roads, squares and green spaces would be strengthened by increased quality and safer public areas. Specific real-estate proposals will also underline the town-centre’s assets.