Urban renewal plan - Morlanwelz

Commune de Morlanwelz
En association avec AWP - JNC
A town with a lot to offer and public spaces to be enhanced.

This municipality in the central region is known for being close to Mariemont Park and for its glorious industrial past. As well as gathering ‘objective’ information we were also able to collect qualitative data through visits to the area, questionnaires, interviews and audits. This interactive approach allowed us to come up with an analysis in line with life on the ground in the area and put forward suggestions adapted to the social context.

Morlanwelz is a town with an important history where the Waroquez family played a significant role. The town has great heritage, remarkable buildings, tradition and folklore and a shopping street that somehow manages to keep its doors open. It doesn’t really benefit from being near Mariemont Park, one of Wallonia’s main attractions. Public spaces revolve around traffic, a fact that doesn’t help the town’s image, or the life of shop-owners, restaurateurs and café-owners.

The current socio-economic situation is difficult and in our proposal we suggested ways to regenerate squares and roads and to breathe new life into shopping areas and public spaces. Housing and infrastructure were also covered by recommendations with the aim of revitalising the town centre.

In association with the AWP (Walloon Landscape Agency /JNC).