Varda's definition study

Ixelles municipality
35 000m2
A study to nourish the development project through a new PPAS. Largely participative, the study intends to preserve the biodiversity and the vegetable activities of the site.

The “Agnès Varda” site, formerly the “Ernotte” site, is located in the far south of Ixelles municipality , between chaussée de Boitsfort, rue Louis Ernotte as well as the L26 railway line. The land is partly occupied by vegetable gardens, some of which are collective. There are also a few houses in ruins as well as a social housing building, a pasture with a horse and a wasteland which has been naturally wooded on the site of former private gardens. If the municipality of Ixelles has previously considered a significant urbanization of the site, it now aims to establish a more balanced development program. Today, it is a question of preserving the vegetable gardens and improving the natural character of the place. The municipality also plans to host educational activities and public housing on the site.

The study started in early February and ended in September 2021.
Here are the different steps:

(February - March 2021)
• Bilateral meetings:
Multiple meetings are planned with the actors on and around the field
• Online surveys:
An online and field survey is being conducted by the design office until early March 2021
• Facebook page :
It will be used to report on the progress of the study, while allowing interaction with the study office and the municipality.
• Exploratory walk:
It is a way of debating the present and the future of the site in the open air, with a representative panel of actors from the district.
• Sensitive maps / synthesis:
The design office will graphically report the results of the study.

(April - June 2021)
• Debates around the proposals:
Live and/or in zoom, we will discuss the development scenarios developed by the design offices.
• Permanence :
The design office will be present on the site for a few days, to directly receive the opinions of the actors of the district.

Program writing
(August-September 2021)
•Gathering opinions on the draft program:
Live and / or zoom, we will discuss the development program developed by the design offices.

Presentation of the study
(autumn 2021)