7 blocks in the Marolles

City of Bruxelles
4 878m2
1 828 000 €
After the "diagnosis" phase, the design office returned to the field to present a sketch to the actors of the places concerned by the interventions. The preliminary project is based on these multiple consultations.

For many years, the City of Brussels has been pursuing an active policy of developing or redeveloping its public spaces. In the context of the "Les Marolles" Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract, the "Public Space Operations" section programmes the redevelopment of 7 neighbourhood blocks / public spaces.

The study perimeter includes 7 blocks / public spaces: the "Plaine des Escargots", the square on rue de la Porte Rouge, the entrance to the Marolle school (rue Sainte-Thérèse), the "Lacaille Fleuriste" space, the public space behind the Marolle school (rue des Ménages and rue Arrosoir), the interior of the block on rue Montserrat & rue des Prêtres, and the interior of the block on "Prévoyance". The 7 blocks have very different typologies, so it is important that the project is carried out in the same way.

Working hand in hand with Ecorce, the expert subcontractors in sustainable land development, Suede 36 wishes to implement a sustainable and ecological project by increasing and optimising the biodiversity of each of the 7 blocks. The project is intended to be minimalist, but qualitative, insofar as possible, the relief is preserved and the ground materials are recycled on site. All the sites will become more permeable and absorb the vast majority of rainwater without going through the sewer system.

The project does not seek originality at all costs as to the elements to be put in place. The proposal is to conserve or recycle as much as possible of what exists and/or to adapt to the habits of the City of Brussels in order to facilitate its management.