House on rue de Flandre

110 000 €
Small multi-use house nestled in an internal courtyard, capturing light as best it can.

Located in the heart of Brussels near rue Dansaert, this house lies right in the centre of a residential courtyard. It has been used for various things, such as a brasserie, workshop, housing and even a gym. When the architects discovered it the house was in ruins, so they decided to renovate it into a flat.

The problem with inner courtyards is light. Furthermore, this small space was only 50m2 and faced north, and there was almost no light coming in from the east and west walls. Using various tricks the designers managed to bring in more light through various breaks in the façade and the roof.

On the first floor the office centres on the open mezzanine. In the middle of the space a steel staircase leads up to second floor. The entrance is a large translucent glazed window that lets in the sun from the south all the way to ground level.