Jésuites Park

Commune de Manage
29 261m2
1 683 207 € excl. BTW
En association avec JNC
A playground as part of the future parc des Jésuites, an ongoing project

With an area of 2.5 ha, the park of the former Jesuit College is situated in an oasis of green in Fayt near Manage. This private park is going to be opened to the public and thus become an important local site. Some of the college’s buildings have been turned into housing and soon there will be a playground and a new town library. The fact that the grounds have different entrances will allow previously separate areas to be linked.

There were various meetings held on the grounds before the project was launched. These meetings highlighted the very varied expectations as to what the park would be used for. Many opinions centred on the fact that Manage has very few public spaces and residents and elected officials both stressed that the park should be used for more than utility and be open to the public.

The playground proposed includes areas for all age groups: infants, children, teenagers and parents looking after their children. There are audio-visual and recreational links between the various zones. The games are based around the idea of a course, an idea used in many playgrounds. There are several spots where you can go straight from one element to another, not having to set foot on the ground.

The playground will not impinge on the natural green context of the park. The viewing point is discreet and leads off from the playground behind the branches of some magnificent trees. All material used on the ground will be natural (wood, sand, etc.).

This project is the fruit of a consortium of Suède36, a trustee, and JNC.