Neighbourhood Contract Ecluse St-Lazare

Commune de Molenbeek St-Jean
190 000 €
Rotor (ré-emplois), Anna Rispoli (Zimmer Frei, artiste), Blink (design)
De Dender
Minor changes to public areas to renew links with the community and improve safety.

Working with Rotor, re-use specialists Blink, and Anna Rispoli (Zimmer frei), who mainly works with residents to change public areas, Suède 36 embarked on this double mission in September 2009 as part of the Écluse-St-Lazare sustainable neighbourhood contract in Molenbeek.

The aim was to decide on and implement minor changes in public areas, covering housing, greening, making pedestrians safer, giving artists a say, building small recreational attractions and lighting. This in order to renew social bonds, improve public safety, liveability and identity.

After analysing places to act and specific measures, we launched a series of projects: changes to place de Liverpool and place Baeck, making several crossings safer and allowing artists to use blank walls. In a second phase the place de la Duchesse was redeveloped using a master plan provided by BUUR and Stratec.