A new square on the Ourthe in La Roche

Commune de La Roche-en-Ardenne
6 654m2
1 500 000 €
The project aims to give a new face to the Quai de l'Ourthe, the cardinal centre of Roch, with a perspective on the church of St. Nicholas and the feudal castle.

The architectural competition that Suede 36 and Tractebel won aimed to give a new image to this place and create a new urban centre. The aim was to make it a structuring and identity-building element for the municipality. The Corten steel footbridge and the terraces will interact with the river and the park developed by the city on the other bank. It will also eliminate the current open-air car park. The aim is to green up the landscaped area that has been freed up and to integrate the river much more closely into the urban environment.

Continuing the ambitious pedestrianisation of the city centre, this new, calmer fabric should include a new hotel and a vast underground car park, in principle by 2024. The project is under development.