Schaerbeek play and sport interventions

Municipality of Schaerbeek
The play and sport network is a master plan which must remain in evolution according to the opportunities and the evolution of the neighbourhoods, the uses, the use of the public space, the modes and practices. It provides a direction and must be applied in the long term, up to 2030.

The establishment of a play and sport network does not aim to define everything, but rather to initiate the reflection, design and investment of facilities, with the objective of responding, in the long term, to the needs revealed in the diagnosis. And to respond to them in a transversal way, throughout the territory of the municipality, for all user profiles.

Initially, the aim of the games network is to complete and enrich the offer. The diagnosis highlights the lack of equipment in the existing areas. It also identifies entire areas with too few play facilities. Furthermore, we have integrated the conclusions of the study "Young people on the street during lunchtime" into our network and propose to respond to them with concrete developments.

Schaerbeek already has a certain number of playgrounds and sports areas, which we must of course preserve. Most of them require in-depth renovation, but also sometimes a complete rethink of the layout of the various functions: choice of games, increased playfulness, more optimal use of the space, improved comfort for accompanying persons, treatment of the area as a green space, quality landscape integration, etc.

However, some sites have greater needs and shortcomings. After a thorough diagnosis, these sites were selected according to the following criteria and placed as priority projects:
Non-functional land,
- Neighbourhood in high demand;
- Acute problems of neighbourhood, living together, cleanliness, insecurity;
- High density;
- Low average per capita income;
- Low average income per inhabitant; Gap in the network;
- High presence of schools;
- Interesting development opportunities.

The study also identifies potential sites or proposes new interventions on the ground:

New developments
These are places with great potential for the establishment of a leisure and sports area, but where everything has to be created.

Light interventions
These sites are not intended to become places with a specific allocation of playgrounds or sports areas. It is a question of intervening with light elements on a wider pavement, a square or a park to create an occasional playfulness.

Temporary occupation of streets
In order to compensate for the lack of suitable sites, especially in the most densely populated areas, we propose the regular occupation of certain streets, with appropriate equipment.

Schoolyards are spaces left unused outside school hours. If shared, they can be used as an opportunity to increase the amount of play and sports space available in the neighbourhood. Provided that the problems of access, surveillance, etc. are resolved.