Tivoli sustainable area

Région Bruxelles-Capitale (SDRB, IBGE)
bOb361 / E.V.R. / Lhoas & Lhoas / Périférique / Pierre Blondel
Thomas et Piron / Socatra
This competition gave us the opportunity to work on public spaces in a new sustainable neighbourhood.

In association with Ana Beja da Costa, landscape artist, Suède 36 joined forces with several other architecture agencies. The main axis of the project was the pedestrian. Linked to this were swales used to manage and store water, improved vegetation and multi-use recreational street furniture.

A large concrete path snakes its way through this axis linking various points on the site, even internal courtyards. A park sprang up around two existing plane trees, providing an area to relax and a breath of fresh air in a densely-populated area. A large multi-use piece of street furniture provides basic protection for the tree roots and gradually becomes a terrace, a row of seats, a place to rest, a play area and a meeting place: a reference point and symbol of the new area.

A small plot of land provides a link to rue de Molenbeek and the surrounding area. This is an open, multi-use cityscape. It is connected to the park gradually, the paving stones thinning out and giving way to the grass.