Urban renewal of Manage center

City of Manage
The presence of dynamic citizens' organisations that organise events are some of the opportunities on which it will be possible to support urban renewal.

The image that emerges from the diagnosis is twofold: a very dense urban centre, fairly independent in terms of local shops, and a town inhabited by a very involved population, located in the heart of the central region.
The centre looks back on its flourishing past in industry and does not react to the crisis that has affected the Walloon Region. Visiting the centre of Manage, one observes a kind of weariness, the poor quality of public spaces and the difficulty of a large part of the population to get out of precariousness. A confused mobility, where soft modes are not favoured, contributes to the unattractive image that characterises the centre of Manage.
However, there is no shortage of opportunities in the area: housing estates are springing up in the vicinity of the centre, the countryside and landscapes are attractive, the architecture is important from a heritage point of view, and there are good road and rail connections.