Liverpool square

Municipality of Molenbeek St-Jean
1 000m2
90 000 €HTVA
Rotor (ré-emplois), Radiance 35 (urbanisme lumière)
De Dender / Recyclart
Returning a square dominated by a second-hand dealership to the residents.

There used to be heavy traffic at all hours along the canal on place de Liverpool due largely to a second-hand car dealership. Many residents expressed their discontent during the "Écluse-St-Lazare" sustainable neighbourhood contact debate and this led to radical measures being proposed that would return the space to vulnerable road users. With the help of Rotor, specialists in re-use, Suède 36 suggested a new pedestrian area with furniture made of salvageable materials.

This led to a more pedestrian-friendly, less car-friendly layout with recreational street furniture, new lighting and newly-planted trees. Stone-masonry walls were covered in wood and transformed into benches and terracing, turning the square into a multi-use forecourt. The good-quality ground coating was kept and since the roads weren’t altered the project was very low budget, even though the site is now used completely differently.

To vary the materials used, two wooden terraces were laid out in the sunniest spot. These are multi-use spaces that can be used as benches, mini stages, with recreational elements that provide protection from traffic. The square also has flower boxes for residents and children living nearby and the municipality organises "planting" days.