Marconi park in Forest

Municipality of Forest
2 790m2
250 000 €
Trame pour la participation
A strong consultation process allowed us to design the park with users' expectations and needs in mind.

Marconi Park is located in Forest, near Brussels, between rue Marconi and Chaussée d'Alsemberg. It is also very close to Altitude Cent and Albert Square. The redevelopment of the park is part of the Albert Neighbourhood Contract.

Before our intervention, the park was predominaely a shortcut used by locals but very few people actually used to park for leisure. Over 100m long and narrow, it contained many trees, some of them quite old, and a communal building which housed a District Court. The park is enclosed by gates which remain open 24/7.

Firstly, the side of the park closest to rue Marconi was equipped. A recreational platform was set up along an adjoining blind wall . This platform can be used as stage, an arena, a place to lay down, a slide, a climbing wall and a blackboard. Steps and exercise bars on the other side of the narrow park are destined to older children. A meeting are for local residents including pic-nic tables was set up between the two play areas. The games are easy to understand and the equipment is low-maintenance.

In the rest of the park, colorful perennial plants and undergrowth are interwoven with the sculpted landscape. This new topography creates a landscape to play in, to read, to chat or to hide. Most of the existing paths are retained in order to protect the existing trees' root systems as well as for budget reasons. However, concertation with local children led us to create a secondary trail on the theme of nature.

Finally, we removed the iron gates and changed the entrance system, which now is on the same level as the footpath and widens onto Chaussée d'Alsemberg. The wall facing north will be used by local associations of teenagers for artistic frescos with will be lit up by gobo projectors. The other walls of the park were repaired and whitewashed in ordre to increase luminosity. Rue Marconi being calmer, no enclosing walls are needed hence they are changed into benches. Bulletin boards near both entrances display the park regulations and allow locals to display ads, offers and events.