Study for the redevelopment of the Abattoirs public space

municipality of Cureghem
The proposal of a short-term project and a medium-term project is a constant in our thinking for the Abattoirs

The Abattoirs site is in full evolution: the masterplan project is far from being completed. Several stages are planned and new functions will take place on the site. It seems necessary to us to set up an evolutionary project capable of adapting to these changes.

The main objective of this work is to create a new pole in the Brussels panorama. This project represents an opportunity to renovate the entire municipal territory and to play a key role in improving the living environment and the perception of the Abattoirs district. This study is an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the Cureghem district and the Abattoirs site of regional interest. Although a precise perimeter has been established, we were keen to take a broader view during the analysis process and in the structuring of the scenarios. In our opinion, it is important to place the project in the overall context of the Brussels Region.

The main objectives are, among others

- To change the image of Cureghem, historically a working class, railway station and immigration district, which sometimes suffers from an unfairly negative perception;

- To create employment;

- Strengthen the identity of a unique, interesting and regionally recognised place;

- Strengthen the dimension of the public space with a quality project that can meet the requirements of the many users of the area (residents, market shoppers, Abattoirs, workers, etc.).

The scenarios must provide a twofold response: improving the quality of the public space now, but also when the Abattoirs master plan is implemented. We therefore propose to develop two parallel projects with very different timing and budget.
The final objective of this study is to reach a consensus among all the players in the public space on what should be put in place in this area.

After the diagnosis and the second phase concerning the three development visions, a development plan will be produced with the selected development scenario.